I like to talk about stuff so don't hold yourself and send me asks. Really, I want some asks. I'm desperate. Anyway you can find here some art of mine and pretty cats but also a lot of porn, inspirational images, anime shit and pretty much every useless post on tumblr.
I live in Poland. I draw. I'm always sad. Call me emo.
Okay, not really. Idk. Idc.


  Loving someone else is something I just can’t do… 
but I want to be loved by someone…

↳ | EGOIST - All Alone With You |


苺野めりー★壁博4 エ29b  [-permission was given by the artist-]
~please don't remove the source~


theyre all i want to draw now help I HOPE THEY SHOW UP AGAIN IMMA CRY